Unique Passion Trend In Miniature Drawings Passions Gratitude – Jackie K



This hand brings positivity and humor into my life. I love listening to her talk about her passions for reading and swimming. She feels complete and free of any distractions during the times she’s fully submerged underwater. The focus is brought back to the pure action of traversing through water; the sound of her own heartbeat couldn’t be more translucent. I believe finding an activity where you’re able to devote 100% of your attention and energy to is so important in this day and age. Be present.



This hand is a multifaceted gem who I have the utmost respect for. A beautifully talented daughter, sister, wife, mom, team player and overall human being. She has been so integral in my career shift and shaping me into the designer I’ve become. She’s grateful for parents who’ve raised her “with a perspective that there are always options; even when things are hard, we are capable of figuring out solutions, and that things will always turn out OKAY, even when they don’t seem like it at the time.”. School and home life have always taught us that we are natural-born problem solvers. And it’s important we don’t lose sight of this fact during our darkest days.



This hand is a lifelong learner whose curiosity only expands with more knowledge. The more you know, the less you know. He’s passionate about “studying His word and growing in the understanding of His amazing grace towards mankind.” To me personally, this suggests pure forgiveness—an act made possible by building bridges of reconciliation. I’ve always walked away or buried unresolved resentment in the past, but am gradually learning from those around me that the spite will never leave unless I approach it head on with empathy and altruism. “It would seem that a life well lived is a life of thinking about others more than thinking about myself.”



This hand is just starting her career and figuring it out still. I believe no matter what age, there will always be more stairs to climb, more doors to open, and more information to gain. She’s grateful for her priceless support system and the opportunity to go to school, get an education and find what gets her genuinely excited to make an intentional contribution to the world. With education and support, we can grow in our understanding of and patience for views that differ from our own and learn that it’s perfectly fine to not always see eye to eye on things.



This hand takes me back to high school, eight years ago. It’s crazy to reflect on how much we have evolved. Our friendship reminds me that remarkable growth and development does not happen in a day. Life’s a marathon, not a sprint. He’s passionate about learning and growing to contribute to something bigger. And he’s jogging through time with the ones he’s most grateful for “family who became friends and friends who became family.”



This hand has been by my side through the happiest and darkest of times. For as long as I could remember, I’ve had an identity crisis and never felt comfortable in my own skin. I try so hard to fit in that I lose parts of my integrity piece by piece. With her, I never have to try. She’s slow to judge and quick to love—which explains her passion for helping children with special needs. She has helped me dance through the wilderness and recognize that I don’t have to belong anywhere… so that I can belong everywhere. The dim, dirt path ahead of us seems less eerie when we strip back the facades and enjoy the journey with another.



This hand is the epitome of humility and authenticity in the midst of great achievements. She has accomplished so much for her age, yet she remains grounded while devoting most of her energy to giving back. Oftentimes, many professionals within an industry are hesitant to volunteer their time to advise younger newcomers. And if you get lucky, there are people who remember their own first steps to building a career and jump on every opportunity to provide guidance. She’s passionate about “empowering girls to be proactive about all aspects of their lives—whether it’s being in control of their finances, speaking up at work, practicing self-care, or tackling something that’s always intimidated them.”



This hand belongs to a strong and confident badass who simultaneously exudes compassion, happiness, and support like no other. Her sincerity in impacting and appreciating others permeates the surface level and has permanently written its own chapter in my book of life. Her passion lies in appreciating nature’s beauty: riding her motorcycle down the highway, smelling the ocean and feeling the wind… “This is when I feel truly free.”


This hand exemplifies a certain strength of character and sheer willpower I strive for. Mind over matter. A new member of the Spartan Trifecta Tribe—her stamina to dominate 13+ miles with 40 obstacles all within 5 hours is beyond me. What a true force of nature. She’s grateful for family who has given her this life to chase her passions for fitness and wellness.


This hand gleams with humanitarianism and purpose. His top three passions are (1) “building innovative things that address genuine issues for people, (2) cars, and (3) working to better the lives and potential for foster youth, so they have the same opportunities afforded other children.” I witness his blood, sweat, and tears in building his business venture—no, his life’s mission. “The outcome of our work here is literally hundreds of millions of dollars going to thousands of charities.” I admire his tenacity and selflessness to see the end of the road..where the future for generations to follow glistens with hope.

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