Two Mouths Trout, Strange Creature In Lake Champlain

Although it sounds like the stuff of urban legend, the unusual fish is real.

“The theories are crazy,” Adam Facteau, a team member, told CBS News. “Injury. Genetic defect. ‘The Simpsons.’” (He was making a reference to Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish, a mutant fish who appears on the animated series.)

Geddes also had trouble believing her own eyes when she caught the remarkable creature while out fishing with her husband.

“When this particular fish bit, it felt like I had a nice fish on,” she told Fox News. “I actually commented, ‘I hope it’s as big as it feels!’ When we got it in the boat, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Two mouths! And yet this fish was healthy and thriving! Pretty amazing!”

After taking a few pictures, Geddes said she released the fish back into the lake.

However, that wasn’t the only time someone caught a two-headed fish in Lake Champlain either. A Columbus man named Chris Hammond also reeled in a two-mouthed trout (perhaps the same one?) recently while on an annual trip with friends.

“This was three days after the first woman caught it, [then] I caught it,” he told WBNS of the shocking experience. “This thing is either really kind of sadly stupid going for every jig that comes down there or I really need to buy some lottery tickets.”

If you have any fishing trips planned in Lake Champlain soon, you might be the next person to catch this strange creature!

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