This Hairdresser Shared Some Of The Weirdest Things She Has Ever Seen At Her Salon


Almost every career has its interesting events, as well as the boring routine side. Sometimes we even forget that unusual things do happen for people working regular jobs, like this vet who shared what crazy things pet owners have done. This time a hairdresser stepped in to share her experiences with clients, ranging from drunk regulars to questionable scars. If you ever had the opportunity to sit at a hairdresser’s or do someone’s hair, you might get some new insight on what the hairdressers go through. So, scroll down below to read the stories and don’t forget to comment and vote for your favorites! (Facebook cover image: Orin Zebest I Cover image: WorldSkills UK)

#1 Client Wants A Big Change. I Deliver

Client Wants A Big Change. I Deliver

This was what I call my first big disaster and huge learning experience. Client comes in, I’ve highlighted her about 4 or 5 times but today she sits in my chair and says “I wanna go red!” Well, 20 year old, naive me doesn’t think this is a bad idea. 20 year old me thinks this is my MOMENT. I’m kind of a nerd in terms of hair color and… Read More


#2 Client Brings In Black And White Photo. Wants That Color

Client Brings In Black And White Photo. Wants That Color

I’ve been doing hair for almost 20 years so smartphones were not even around at the beginning of my career. Women used to bring in pictures of what they wanted. I lost count on how many women brought in black and white magazine pictures (I’m lookin at you Jennifer Aniston Smart Water ad) and said with a straight face “I love this color”. Nowadays I just get to deal with… Read More
#3 Client Comes In Visibly Upset. Husband Is Cheating On Her

Client Comes In Visibly Upset. Husband Is Cheating On Her

Oooooh this one was CRAZY. Not the client, but the sequence of events. So that morning my girlfriend calls me (this is before free unlimited texting) and tells me she’s getting on this guy’s private plane with some other girls and they’re going to NYC for the day to go shopping. She worked in finance (to put it generically) and these guys she worked for had LOTS of money. Now,… Read More


#4 Client Comes In For Color. Asks For Extra

Client Comes In For Color. Asks For Extra

She takes it with her to the bathroom. I can only assume she put some on her pubic hair. I don’t know how she didn’t make a mess in her pants and I don’t know why she felt it was necessary to match the carpet to the drapes but I’m not here to judge. You do you. Hopefully you don’t get a chemical burn on your lady bits.


#5 Scars. Scars Everywhere

Scars. Scars Everywhere

When you work in any service type field, you see some interesting stuff. One of my first memories is shampooing women with surgical scars. So. Much. Blood. And scabs. Why are you getting your color done before your sutures have healed?! One of the girls I worked with legitimately thought all these women had some sort of brain cancer until I told her they all had facelifts. This was the… Read More


#6 Most Entitled Client Comes In, Announces Yeast Infection

Most Entitled Client Comes In, Announces Yeast Infection

This woman…she’s the worst. Usually she’s late, she’s always rude af, and treats me like I’m a servant. One day she comes in-late of course-and she’s on her phone. Tells the unfortunate person she’s talking to “ugh I’m having THE WORST day. I got a parking ticket and I have a yeast infection”. I think the entire salon went silent. Like yeah, shit happens but use your inside voice. Not… Read More


#7 I Know When You’re Intoxicated. Don’t Try To Hide It

I Know When You're Intoxicated. Don't Try To Hide It

I love when clients come in buzzed. They’re more relaxed and we have a lot of laughs. Usually my clients will tell me if they’ve had a boozy lunch or a couple glasses of wine…but then there are the ones who try to hide it. I’ve had clients bring in “Vitamin Water” totally spiked with vodka (hint: you reek of vodka), clients who are constantly going to the bathroom and… Read More


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