The Story Of A Lifetime With Lola, My Precious Dog

The Story Of A Lifetime With Lola, My Precious Dog

This is Lola. She passed away close to her 11th birthday this year. I have only a few memories without her being a part as she enjoyed everything we were up to. Life has its ups and downs and sometimes our pets are the most loyal friends that we have. Sometimes they are all we have.

Lola was my companion through everything and when I look back I see myself as a little lost girl when I first met her. As a introvert and highly sensitive person, I feared a lot about the world outside and she was my comfort during hard times and depressions.

She was the reason to get up in the morning. She was there when I fell in love for the first time, got pregnant and gave a birth to my daughter. She helped me to overcome the seperation and the start of a new life of a single working mom.

There was her, my daughter and our new family member Esther. We were alright. We were all there, at that time when you fell asleep and never woke up.

I remember being so shocked by how the world just seemed to continue just as before, as nothing happened at all. Birds were still singing, people were talking and traffic was crowded. But inside everything had fallen apart.

I am so grateful to have shared so many beautiful moments with Lola and I know that she will be waiting for me.

This is my favorite photo of her. She looks so calm here

She was the tiniest little baby, always snoring

And since she was young, she was always charmingly creative

After some time, her little baby sister was born

But both of them loved each other unconditionally

When she grew older, she enjoyed peace and silence

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