10+ Shine Brighter Urban Design That Are So Terrific

Sometimes we just need a little bit more color in our life!

11. These pavement tiles that produce electricity as you walk on them:


12. A beach shower seat for old people and children:


13. “Saw these meters painted to look like a bad guy in an alley near my apartment.”

20 Examples of Urban Design That Are So Terrific They Shine Brighter Than a Diamond

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14. This bike path that glows in the dark:

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Self sufficient, glow-in-the-dark bike pat • What’s it like to glide over a river of blue, bioluminescent algae? Ask a cyclist in the town of Lidzbark Warminski, Poland, which is experimenting with a night-glowing bike path. The tech behind the fetching thoroughfare was created by TPA Instytut Badan Technicznych, a “materials technology competence center for asphalt, concrete, earthworks, and geotechnical engineering,” and installed by contractor Strabag. It’s about 6 feet wide and 330 feet long and cost roughly $31,000. The inspiration was a similar glowing bike lane in the Netherlands designed by Daan Roosegaarde as a homage to van Gogh’s "The Starry Night." The solar-charged lane, which uses materials called phosphors, is meant not just to be easy on the eyes but on cyclists’ joints and noggins, ostensibly raising the level of safety during night riding. Here’s more on how it works from a Strabag press release (via Google Translate): The material… is able to give light for more than 10 hours. This means that the path overnight emits light energy and re-gathers the next day. Importantly, the effect is due [to] aggregate properties used without additional sources of energy. For the construction of the path near Lidzbark Warminski Poland chose phosphors glowing blue, to be consistent with the local landscape. —— Text credit : John Metcalfe from citylab • #nature #theverynature #bike #selfsufficient #cleanenergy #bikepath #research #engineering #design #anthropocene

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15. “My city has a bike fixing station in the middle of their bike path.”

20 Examples of Urban Design That Are So Terrific They Shine Brighter Than a Diamond
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16. “If you’re elderly or disabled, you will receive a card that enables you to cross the road with a longer countdown time (Singapore).”

20 Examples of Urban Design That Are So Terrific They Shine Brighter Than a Diamond
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17. This public street kitchen:

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LUNSH • Good lunch to share! Want to cook healthy & plastic free products making new friends? Lunsh makes it real turning existing billboards into public street kitchens. Full video is coming! . . . . . #healthyfood #biofood #design #sustainablefuture #zerowastegoals #plasticwaste #notoplasticwaste #urbandesign #urbanhacking #streetfood #streetlife #publicspaces #publicspacedesign #publicspacetakeover #streetcooking #streetkitchen #healthystreetfood #urbanattack #cityoffuture #socialimpact #sustainabledesign

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18. This invisible urban design spray that you can only see when it rains:


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