5 Killer Ways to Stop Bad Breath in Just 5 Minutes

Stop Bad Breath with 5 Killer Ways in Just 5 Minutes

According to statistics, from 5 to 60% of people in the world suffer from different levels of bad breath. Even if you take care of your mouth every day and don’t eat lots of garlic, sometimes bad breath can be very sneaky and even ruin a date or a meeting. But what can you do if it’s an emergency and you don’t have gum? Here you can find some fast solutions that can help with this problem.

Apegeo found 5 effective and fast ways for how to get rid of bad breath. There is also a bonus waiting for you at the end of the article.

Reasons why we have bad breath

  1. Eating a lot of sulfur-rich food.
  2. Smoking and alcohol.
  3. Mouth microbiome.
  4. Gum disease.
  5. Stress and anxiety.
  6. Oral infections.
  7. Tooth decay.

If you need to get rid of bad breath immediately, and you don’t have a toothbrush or gum with you, there are some effective ways of reducing the smell.

1. Drink water.

If you are at a party, just chew some herbs like mint. It’s definitely not going to clean your teeth, but it will save you with a strong scent. It is very effective, but it only works for a short time.

3. Have an apple.

Take an apple with you when you’re leaving the house. Apples contain oxidized polyphenols, which help to neutralize the bad smell in your mouth. And they also clean your teeth because of their texture.


4. Suck a lemon.

Lemons are not just healthy, but they’re also useful against bad breath, because they kill the bacteria that can produce an undesirable smell. Just suck a slice of lemon or squeeze it in a glass of water. It is also very effective after eating garlic or onion.

If you constantly have a problem with bad breath, just pop some breath gel in your pocket or purse. It is a good solution for those people who have joint or muscle problems and can’t chew gum.


Bonus: This beauty blogger suggests an interesting and effective way to fight bad breath.

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