Special Effects And Character Designer Properties Adam Dougherty

Special Effects And Character Designer Properties Adam Dougherty

My name is Adam Dougherty and I make monsters!

I’m a special effects artist and character designer for the company StudioADI. As a day job I help to create monsters for movies such as Orcs from the Netflix Original: Bright, Dinosaurs for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Annabelle from the Conjuring series and Shane Blacks Predator.

In my free time I’m trying to learn how to be a filmmaker and explore different techniques of practical effects such as stop motion and water tank puppetry while also creating stories and characters of my own.

Here is a behind the scenes video of what I’ve done so far. I hope you enjoy!

More info: kreaturekid.com

Working on the Jurassic World stegosaurus maquette

Mounting the 6’ tall fins on the full size stegosaurus for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The Pugloo stop motion puppet from my short film ‘Pugloo from Planet P!’

Alec Gillis is not only one of the owners of StudioADI but also a main character in my films. He’s a very supportive boss

Filming the water tank ghost, this is the same technique used in the original Poltergeist film

Klaus from American Dad sculpture for the actual voice actor Dee Bradley Baker

Mojo Jojo from the Power Puff Girls made for creator Craig McCracken

The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy Queen

Dance with me

Shock Monster

The Voodoo Priest

Pugloo from Planet P

Quisp From Planet Q!

Shrunken Heads


Moebius Creature

The Tooth Fairy!

Witch hazel from looneytunes

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