Sound Fake, But here’s animal Facts That Are Actually Totally True

Animal Facts

1. Female dragonflies will sometimes fake their own death to avoid mating with a male.

2. Male giraffes will smell and drink a female giraffe’s urine to tell if she’s ready to mate.

3. Flatworms contain both male and female reproductive genitalia, and two flatworms will “penis-fence” until one has successfully jabbed and inseminated the other.

4. Male garter snakes will imitate a female garter snake in order to attract males that will cuddle and keep them warm.

5. To avoid being eaten by the female, a male argonaut octopus may detach its mating arm and leave it in the female before swimming away to safety.

6. During mating, male pigs can ejaculate continuously for approximately six minutes.

7. Drone bees die immediately after mating because their penis and abdomen are completely torn from their bodies during the process.

8. Kinkajous, which have the ability to rotate their feet, can run equally as fast forward and backward.

9. A chameleon’s tongue is approximately twice as long as its body.

10. Female lobsters attract males by squirting urine from “nozzles” on their face directly onto their selected mate

11. A wombat’s poop is cube-shaped and their digestive process can take anywhere from 14 to 18 days.

Animal Facts

12. Sloths live the majority of their lives in trees. They come down to the ground only once a week to poop.

Animal Facts

13. Flamingos aren’t actually born pink. They turn pink from eating algae, larvae, and shrimp daily.

Animal Facts

14. Starfish can regenerate arms that have been severed in an attack or have been voluntarily removed for protection.

Animal Facts

15. A narwhal’s husk is actually a really long front tooth— not a “unicorn” horn.

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