This Is The Travel Destination That’s About To Light Up All Of Your Traveler Friends’ Geotags

Rainbow Mountain

Any world traveler worth their neck pillow knows that Peru is the place to be: it’s got delicious food, friendly people, and the dreamiest natural landscapes.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Peru is also home to Vinicunca, AKA “Rainbow Mountain,” AKA that place showing up in all of your traveler friends’ Instagrams right now.

Some facts: Vinicunca, which is also known as “The Mountain of Seven Colors,” is located in the Andes mountain range, in the Cusco region of Peru.

And if for some reason you aren’t already packing your bags, maybe you’re wondering just how a mountain can end up this beauteous??

Basically, these streaks of color come from the layers of sedimentary minerals that have been exposed by erosion over time.

According to locals (link in Spanish), the mountain is only now becoming such a tourist hotspot since the usual snow cover in that part of the Andes has started to melt, thanks to climate change.

Just last year, National Geographic named the Rainbow Mountain on their list of the “Top 5 Places To Visit in Peru”…

And, as expected, Instagrammers are going nuts for it: 

To get the best photos, it’s recommended to hike up the mountain on a summer day, because that’s when the colors seem brightest.

Also, just know that the hike is no joke: You’re going to walk a LOT.

And finally, if you’re actually remotely thinking of going to visit Rainbow Mountain, please don’t forget to be a responsible tourist!

Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain

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