Quit smoking: Try to find one that’s right for you!

quit smoking

As the researchers assure, those who decide to quit smoking make up to 30 attempts before they reach success. This is due to the difficulties of rejecting bad habits in general, as well as with the individual characteristics of the body. What about you? Did you manage to give up this bad habit or not?

The method that worked for five of your friends can not work for you. And on the contrary: you can come up with your own way to tie with a cigarette, which is absolutely not suitable for your friends, but it will be incredibly effective in your particular case.

Today we want to show you a list of 11 best ways to quit smoking. These ways have statistically proven their effectiveness. Try to find one that’s right for you!

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#1. Assign a date to have time to prepare

Most experts recommend starting a personal fight against smoking from this stage. And for this there are reasons! The problem is that smoking is not only physiological, but also psychological dependence. Perhaps you do not realize it, but the cigarette is closely related to important, vital things.

To quit smoking from tomorrow is a controversial option. It is better to assign an exact date. Not too close to be in time to prepare, and not too far away not to change your mind. The preparation is as follows: you need to untie smoking from everyday rest and pleasures.

If you are used to combining a cup of coffee with a cigarette – drink, but without a cigarette. Promise yourself: “I drink coffee now, and smoke after 15 minutes”, and keep the promise. When the day X comes, your breakdown associated with the rejection of a cigarette will not be so strong, because at least psychologically you will prepare for it.

#2. Write triggers and exclude them from your life

The bottom line is that we could not smoke often. However, there are situations that directly lead us to reach for the pack of cigarettes. These are so-called triggers. Find them: for a few days, scrupulously describe all the moments when you smoke. For example, if you are used to smoke a cigarette for morning coffee, start drinking tea. Or choose a healthy breakfast at all: you hardly want to smoke with oatmeal. Try to develop a replacement strategy for each of the detected triggers.

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#3. Replace smoking with other pleasures or activities

The best time to quit smoking is vacation. There are no stresses that can provoke you to smoke. In addition, there are many interesting activities. The main thing here is to make this experience an awareness: “I smoke not because I want to, but because I’m just bored and have nothing to occupy myself.” Sounds so-so, right? Try to get rid of boredom. Look for activities that could replace cigarettes. And you quit smoking.

#4. Go in for sports

If we talk about substitution therapy, then physical activity is one of the most healthy options. As the study shows, physical activities distract from thoughts about cigarettes, raise the mood and give a sense of control over oneself.

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#5. Think about how to overcome the impulse

The desire to smoke most often arises spontaneously. First we on emotions grab for a cigarette, smoke, and only then the brain yells: “What are you doing, we promised!” And it’s too late! Therefore, it is extremely important to sustain a short pause between “Oh, how I want to smoke” and a click of the lighter. This pause is really short. Experts assure that an acute desire to smoke a cigarette lasts no more than 3-5 minutes.

#6. Connect your social networks

It sounds ridiculous, but those smokers who talk about the progress of their fight with a bad habit in social networks, are much more successful than those who try to fight cravings for cigarettes offline. Thanks to Facebook or Twitter, it seems to you that other people support you.

In addition, social networks are full of motivating stories of those who have already quit smoking. And the more we get acquainted with other people’s successful cases, the more we believe in our own victory.

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#7. Increase the content of fruits and vegetables in the diet

A study conducted by scientists from the University Of Buffalo (USA) proved that the more vegetables and fruits a person consumes, the easier it is to quit smoking. The fact is, the craving for tobacco, our brain often confuses with craving for fiber. Eating an apple or a salad with vegetables, we are deceiving the body. It begins to feel that it has already received the desired, and so the cigarette seems irrelevant.

#8. Drink Milk

Researchers from the University of Duke (USA) found that milk spoils the taste of cigarettes. The same research at the same time established products that, on the contrary, subjectively improve the taste of tobacco. Therefore, if you really want to quit smoking, try to avoid meat, coffee and alcoholic beverages.

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#9. Be prepared for nicotine replacement therapy

This is one of the most popular methods to quit smoking. Especially among those who have already tried unsuccessfully to solve the problem in one fell swoop. Nicotine patches, special chewing gum, sprays, candies really help to cope with the acute craving for tobacco, almost inevitable in the first phase of quitting smoking. However, this therapy is only a temporary measure. Its main task is to facilitate the process of weaning from cigarettes.

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#10. Seek help from a specialist

There are drugs that block nicotinic-dependence receptors in the brain. As a result, people gradually and gently wean from cigarettes. You should know that treatment with medicines has a number of side effects, so appoint and conduct it can only be a qualified doctor.

#11. Use a combined approach

Do not use only one method. Try to mix several methods by choosing the ones that seem most reasonable and comfortable for you. This will greatly increase your chances of success.

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