Prom Photos from LOL-Worthy People

Prom Photos

When it comes to prom photos, no matter how old you get, they’ll always be waiting somewhere at the back of a closet in an old photo album, waiting to reemerge and remind you of just how entertaining your senior prom was. Even if you had a fun time, an embarrassing time, or a terrible time, you’ll always remember your prom! At the end of the article, don’t miss the bonus photo featuring an unforgettable prom experience with a girl who took a celebrity cutout as her prom date.


Apegeo has accumulated a collection of some of the funniest and uncomfortable prom photos ever posted on the internet.


1. We wish we could have seen her expression when she saw the picture afterward.


2. The guys chose the most embarrassing suits to wear and the girls weren’t too thrilled about it.

3. Her date left her for another girl. Thankfully they managed to photoshop him into the photo anyway.

4. From “My Lady” to “My Lord”

5. The Prom Queen

6. His prom date’s name was Casper, the girly ghost.

8. The best way to arrive at prom is…..packaged!

9. He’s probably changed his mind. Or did they just jump off a plane and land gently?

10. He took his cat to prom and the cat thinks he’s dreamy.

Prom Photos

11. She had a super fun night at prom.

12. Pre-prom picture from 1961

13. Geek prom

14. The guy on the left brought the sweetest date to prom.


15. This will be a great story for the grandkids.

16. Dare devils of high school

17. “Man, I’ve seen it all. This girl went to prom in an ambulance and acted like she came to life after her date kissed her.”

18. One child left behind

19. The duct tape prom designers

20. Did they fly there or did they take the limo?

21. They won “Best Dressed Couple” at prom.

22. We think everyone knows how this ended…

23. An evil couple on a quest

24. She made a matching dress for her prom date.

Bonus: teen brings Danny DeVito cardboard cutout to prom

When Allison Closs couldn’t find a suitable date to bring to her senior prom, she took matters into her own hands and bought one. The 17-year-old attended her prom with a cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito.

“I thought of other celebrities, for example, Bill Nye the Science Guy, but most of them would need a custom made ordering and custom-made cutout, and I’m not about that money life if you understand what I’m saying.”

She managed to find the cutout of Danny DeVito on Amazon for only $100. She dressed her date with a beautiful tie from her brother’s closet and also a boutonniere. She then duct-taped him onto a scooter and wheeled him around. Up to the actual prom day, she tried to keep his identity a secret from everyone except her family of course.

“My mom was a little skeptical, [and] my friends thought the concept was amusing. But to be honest, I don’t think they thought I was actually going to go through with it.”

Almost everyone who attended the prom lined up to take selfies with the cutout.

The story became very popular and it caught the attention of DeVito’s co-star, Rob McElhenney, who came up with a very creative response in his Instagram post.

“I heard you took cardboard Danny to prom,” McElhenny wrote in his post. “What a coincidence. DeVito took Allison’s cardboard to Paddy’s!”

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