Pregnant Lady Photo Diaries Throughout Second Pregnancy

Pregnant Lady Photo Diaries Throughout Second Pregnancy

Hello! I’ve been documenting my ups and downs and plain craziness throughout my second pregnancy. If you’re pregnant or know a pregnant lady, chances are, you can relate to some of these!

My daughter and I love taking goofy photos together, each of these images come with a story, and more can be read on my website. However, they say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so maybe no backstory is needed!

I hope this little one on the way isn’t too camera shy because I’m already dreaming of the fun the three of us will have together in front of the camera.

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#1 The Millionth Cry

The Millionth Cry

I used to team up with my sister to laugh and roll my eyes at my mom when she would inevitably cry through every single cheesy movie we watched together. Look at me now. Just a giant crying cheese ball.

#2 All This Food, Nothing To Eat

All This Food, Nothing To Eat

I try not to be a spoiled brat during pregnancy, but I will say that I feel that I can strongly relate to my picky eater recently. My first semester left me with an insatiable hunger, but my body rejected most of what I tried to eat! Do you know what it’s like to be constantly hungry and nauseous at the same time? Do ya?!

#3 I Grow Humans

I Grow Humans

What’s your superpower? My family thinks I’m a little too extra when I stop what I am doing and shout out “I AM MAKING A BABY!”. But I think it’s important that they are reminded that even when I am cooking a delicious meal, bathing the dog, taking a nap, or going to the gym, I’m also still growing a human. It amazes me that not everyone I know worships the ground I walk on. Just kidding… sort of.

#4 Just Five More Minutes

Just Five More Minutes

I love all the friendly reminders I get to “listen to my body” and “get plenty of rest”. My body is telling me to lay down or fall asleep standing up, but who’s going to go to work for me and raise my five-year-old?!

#5 It’s A Boy!

It's A Boy!

Ultrasound says, it has a thing! Finally, after six years of exploring my hoarder side, I can clear out all the baby girl clothes.

#6 Hormones For Hire

Hormones For Hire

I used to be non-confrontational. But then, pregnancy happened. And now… if I’ve got some things to say, they’re going to be heard. Want to write a bad review? I will articulate that %$!# splendidly. Need me to yell at someone? I can do it, I can yell! I try not to play this card too often…but what are they actually going to say to a pregnant woman? I’ll just cry, act like my water broke, and get off the phone. I’ll call your representatives. I’ll break up with your boyfriend. I’ll quit your job for you. I’ll tell your mother in law you’re sick of her. Because frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

#7 Ommm Mom

Ommm Mom

My dedication to “working out for my whole pregnancy” has slowly transitioned into variations of me just rolling around on a yoga ball. Mia likes to show off, but whatever… Her center of gravity isn’t thrown off by an extra 10 lbs like mine is.

#8 Name Him?! I Hardly Know Him

Name Him?! I Hardly Know Him

#9 These Sweatpants Are All That Fits Me Now

These Sweatpants Are All That Fits Me Now

Running out of options of things to wear, do you thinks it’s acceptable to go out in a onesie?

#10 Time For Leisure Reading

Time For Leisure Reading

Being a second-time parent is kind of the best. Bringing a human into the world still requires a lot of work, but I can stress less about car seat requirements, birth and postpartum options, what cribs aren’t death traps, and more. Been there, done that. I think I’d rather learn a new recipe than read another chapter in a pregnancy book ever again!

#11 Is This For Real?

Is This For Real?

pregnant lady can produce an unbelievable amount of pee, even at the very beginning of it. Wee need approximately 15 thousand test to verify that we’re not nuts, there really is a second pink line! Did that faint little line really just change my whole life?!

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