Paw it Forward photography To Remember Precious Furry Friends

Paw it Forward photography To Remember Precious Furry Friends Unleashed Fur

I’ve been doing pet photography for about 15 years now, even longer if you count the days when I used to film my own pets. I used to have 3 chihuahuas but in 2015 I suddenly lost two of them due to illness and old age, 3 days apart. I was a bit of a wrech for a while.

Since I was already a pet photographer and had tons of photos of my own dogs, I decided to give a joy to others, free of charge. I began a journey of photographing senior pets and called it “Paw it Forward”. I photographed pets on their last day on earth.

I think it really helps people to be able to look at those photos and remember their precious furry friends. Recently, I have moved in a slightly new direction with my pet photography but I still do senior portraits. They are the ones that mean the most to me!

Just a while ago, I adopted a senior chihuaha and still have my other old friend. This new guy has maybe 3 teeth and a heart murmur. He just saw a cardiologist and started a lifelong medication but he is spunky and so so so sweet! He had already been on front of the camera and is truly a champ!

Below are just a few of the seniors, most already have crossed a rainbow bridge but they live on in their photos!

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#1 Sipa – Crossed

Sipa - Crossed

#2 Lilli – Crossed
Lilli - Crossed

#3 Foo (Aka) Buddha – Crossed
Foo (Aka) Buddha - Crossed

#4 Chopper – 14 Years Old
Chopper - 14 Years Old

#5 Zepplin – Unsure
Zepplin - Unsure

#6 Guy – Crossed
Guy - Crossed

#7 Dazy – 14 Years Old
Dazy - 14 Years Old

#8 Bonnie – Crossed
Bonnie - Crossed

#9 Hercules – Crossed
Hercules - Crossed

#10 Dainichi – 11 Years Old
Dainichi - 11 Years Old


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