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It seems like binge-watching is gradually becoming the new way to watch TV, don’t you think? We’ve all spent a lazy weekend or two watching our favorite TV shows thanks to our friends who always have a couple of great shows to recommend to us whenever we see them. And luckily for us, Netflix is always chock-full of original series for us to binge watch. But how do we decide which ones to start when there are so many? Here’s a list of 8 amazing TV series you definitely don’t want to miss on Netflix.

At Apegeo, we can assure you that these 8 shows are really worth your time. Which one will pull you in from the very first scene?


8. Stranger Things

Haven’t seen Stranger Things yet? Let’s do something about it!

In the early 1980s, a 12-year-old boy, Will Byers, was attacked by an unknown creature and disappeared from the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. The boy’s friends try to find out what happened to Will without being discovered by the police or Will’s parents. At the same time, a girl with strange skills appears in Hawkins. What is she doing there and has she chosen her side? Will the children be able to find out what happened to their friend and reveal dangerous secrets?


7. Narcos

This TV series is based on the real story of Pablo Escobar, the world’s most notorious drug lord who terrorized Colombia and all of Latin America over a period of 18 years. In the show, 2 agents from The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) are in charge of the mission to find the ill-famed patron and capture him.

Recently, Narcos, season 4 has been confirmed by Netflix. Looks like there is still much more story to tell!

TV Series

6. Lost in Space

Big science fiction fans may remember the 1965 TV series of the same name. In the 2018 remake, Lost in Space takes place in the year 2048, where the Robinson family is chosen to leave Earth and colonize a new planet. But as expected, something goes wrong during their trip, so the Robinsons and other families crash land on an unknown planet where they now have to deal with new dangers until they find a way to escape. Extraterrestrial life may not be the biggest danger they have to face.


5. Money Heist

Although the first season originally aired a few months ago, it has already become the most-watched non-English-speaking series on Netflix. A young woman, Tokyo, participates in the biggest robbery in the history of Spain together with a group of thieves. They receive their instructions from an enigmatic professor that will change their lives forever. Once they embark on this risky journey, they will never be the same again.

Good news for those who have already started watching this show: It has been announced that season 3 production is about to start!


4. Dark

In the small town of Winton, Germany, children begin to disappear without any reason (we can’t help but wonder if Will Byers of Stranger Things knows something about this). During the investigation, all kinds of dark, hidden mysteries emerge around 4 local families. Soon, the truth behind Winton will be revealed, and it will threaten to break the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

Netflix has recently announced that season 2 of Dark will be released in 2019.

3. Better Call Saul

If you live on planet Earth, you’ve probably heard of the hit show, Breaking Bad. And if you’ve seen Breaking Bad, you most likely remember Saul Goodman, one of the most memorable characters from the show. Better Call Saul tells the story of the charismatic lawyer, just six years later.

You sure don’t want to miss this show! In this series, you will meet some other important characters and witness some important events that take place after the end of Breaking Bad.


2. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a successful TV drama among teenagers and adults and leaves much to talk about.

Two weeks after graduating from high school, student, Hannah Baker decides to commit suicide. At the same time, a box with audio tapes appears at the house of her close friend. Hannah’s recordings will reveal dark secrets and leave more than 1 person with blood on their hands.

Season 2 has just been released, so what are you waiting for?


1. The Boss Baby: Back in Business

This show is for the little ones (we’re sure you’ll be interested too, but don’t worry — we won’t say anything). This fun animated series is a follow-up to the 2017 animated movie of the same name. The series follows Boss Baby, his brother Tim, and Baby Corp, the corporation responsible for getting people to love babies more than anything else in this world.

Get ready for some new and fun adventures as the cutest company faces a new threat: adorable kittens. But don’t complain to us when you have trouble picking a side!

Which of these Netflix series did you like best? Do you know another good TV series we should add to our list? Or maybe some of them shouldn’t have been on the list in the first place? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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