Nature Wildlife Photography Joe Neely With Bee Sleep In Flowers

The shot shows a beautiful side of them we rarely witness.

But these two globe mallow bees cuddled together in the flower and made the perfect composition, presenting Joe with what became his winning shot for the day. “I used a Nikon d750 and a 150mm macro lens along with an R1C1 Nikon macro flash,” he revealed. The photographer said he approaches bee photography the same way he approaches any other kind of wildlife photography, from rattlesnakes to bisons.

“I keep a respectable distance and don’t do anything that would change the subject’s behavior. How macro photography is different is that your depth of field is very small or shallow because you are very close to something so tiny. So because of this, I like to shoot with an aperture around f16 to f20, in order to get as much in focus as possible. This usually means there will be a need to introduce artificial lighting, like a flash. Now that may sound annoying but the best part about using a flash is that you don’t have to depend on a fast shutter speed for sharp images. Instead, you are freezing all movement(yours and the subjects) with the speed of light.”

People were amazed by the breathtaking shot

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