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Rock climber Adam Ondra resting before climbing


A rescuer’s eyes after a working day

A man walking through chest-deep water in jungle swamps hoping to find the Anaconda, the largest snake in the world.

Photo @tbfrost | In the primary rainforests of the Peruvian Amazon it isn't easy to find green anacondas, the largest snake in the world. Researchers, like @mohsinkazmitakespictures, employ about the only technique that works: walking through chest deep water in jungle swamps hoping to bump into one in the water or spot one warming itself in a ray of tropical sun. And you might ask what on earth do they do when they actually find a snake? Well, it depends somewhat on the size of the snake, but in general a group of people jump on the anaconda to subdue it so that they can measure, weigh, sex , and make notes on the health of the snake – all important data to understanding the health of the anaconda population here in the Peruvian Amazon. To see pictures of the largest snake in the world and how scientists capture them , follow @tbfrost

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138 lb lost in 8 months

A woman hitting a neo-Nazi with her bag

Snake charmer with his son

Routine stretching time for gymnasts

A woman riding between carriages on her way to see her family

The face of a hockey goalie

Mariusz Kedzierski was born without hands but he managed to become an artist and now he draws realistic portraits for people.

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