Horror Photoshoot: When Mom Turns Her Baby Into A Zombie And The Kid Absolutely Nails It

"Life is too short to take everything so seriously."

Horror Photoshoot: When Mom Turns Her Baby Into A Zombie And The Kid Absolutely Nails It

A family photoshoot isn’t just about the pictures. The quality time spent together is just as important. And this family definitely got the most out of their experience. A few days ago, photographer and labor and delivery nurse Tiffany Renfroe shared the results of the daddy-daughter shoot she gave her husband and their little bundle of joy on Facebook, and it perfectly captured the strong bond between them.

“Daniel and I are very sarcastic, as people, as parents. Life is too short to take everything so seriously,” Tiffany told. “Our babies (Kaiden-10, Gibson-5, Oakley-11 months) are our world. We are active parents that would rather be doing things with them or giving them experiences over gifts or money, although they still are spoiled. Our kids go everywhere with us and are included in everything we do (we live away from family due to jobs).”

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Tiffany’s husband, Daniel, is a Contracted Blackhawk Technical inspector and has always been a big fan of classic horror movies. “Our daughter Kaiden and he started watching The Walking Dead, waiting day by day for the next season. It’s their thing,” the mom explained. “They also watch a lot of classic horror movies, even Gibson at 5. As long as he isn’t violent, I don’t really care, he isn’t scared and isn’t traumatized by them.”

She said their kids know that the people and things on the screen aren’t real. “I didn’t particularly want the kids watching horror movies because they would be scared. But they aren’t. They sit there picking out different artistic stuff and laughing at the ridiculous props, makeup, and costumes used in the old classics! It wasn’t hurting them, making them scared, so whatever. It’s us. My kids are sweet and loving, do great in school, are nonviolent, love others, and that’s all that matters to us as parents.”

“So I took the baby, Oakley, to visit family in Oregon — my home state — that hadn’t met her yet. While there, my best friend took some pictures of her and me for a little mommy-daughter shoot. My husband being funny when I got home said in the whiniest voice, ‘I didn’t get any daddy and daughter shoot.’ So my mind went to thinking. In the meantime, I had been tagged in some horror-themed pictures, saying it was right up my alley. Daniel gets tagged in every Michael Myers video on the net because he wears his mask all the time being funny. I wanted something original, something unique.”

“Then, after a few good draft beers, it came to me, the light flickered in my head!” Tiffany said. “I would combine the ideas that Daniel loves and Kaiden loves, and do a zombie shoot. I honestly threw in the Michael Myers idea because I knew that would make Daniel super pumped about it. So it took me about a week to put everything together, ideas, location (we drove around for days on our side by side looking for a spot) which the kids always love!”

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