Mogens Wildlife Photographer With Unique Way to Show Animal’s Personalities

Wildlife biologist and zoologist, Mogens Trolle, has been traveling around the world studying the fauna on all 7 continents. He has published several books about wildlife mammals that have contributed greatly to getting to know the unexplored areas of the world.

Apart from his main occupation, Mogens has been photographing wild animals on all of his trips for the past 22 years. His main thing is concentrating on animal’s eyes and faces to help us to see their captivating inner world.

We at Apegeo were amazed at Mogens’ photos and would like to share the most outstanding ones with you.

1. Can you see that Bachelor look in his eyes?

5. Those eyes, that beak, those feathers…

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THE NUTCRACKER / Portrait of the world’s longest parrot and the most expressive bird I’ve ever photographed, the hyacinth macaw, measuring up to more than a meter. The huge powerful beak allows it to live on palm nuts too hard for other macaws. Pantanal, Brazil.

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6. “Oh no, I think I forgot to turn off the iron.”


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