An effective way to lose weight without dietary restrictions

An effective way to lose weight without dietary restrictions

Today we are glad to present you with an effective way to lose weight without dietary restrictions. You can lose weight without cutting out foods or having to use your willpower in other ways. It is a painless method to shed pounds and get rid of fat, especially in the stomach and waist sections of the body.

All you have to do is open up. Breathing will allow your body to heal and correct all inconsistencies. Trust it. Take it seriously. You need to do this practice every day. After you get comfortable with it, you can easily change it according to your own needs. Just remember that this is your own body, and you must listen to it. Breathing has the power to change your life. Treat it with reverence and respect its dignity. The daily program includes three breathing exercises. They also called “energy cocktails”. Do each of them until they become an integral part of your life. After you master these exercises, go on to the next “cocktails”.

#1. First “Cocktail” – “The Queen of the Beach”

This is the best way to breathe, to fully provide oxygen to the whole body, increase energy and lose weight. If you will do this exercise ten times three times a day, then you’ll make a revolution in your life. -Stand up and say: “I am the greatest man”, not only aloud, but also with your whole pose. Just remember that your body speaks volumes.

-Take a slow, deep breath in your belly through your nose into four tabs. -Hold the air inside in a “four by four” scheme. For example, if you took a breath in four counts, then hold it at sixteen. -Now breathe out with your mouth; it should be twice as long as inhaling, which means that exhalation is carried out on eight counts. This ratio is always 1: 4: 2. Just take a breath, mentally saying, “I’m the queen of the beach”. Then hold the air inside the body, mentally saying, “I’m the queen of the beach once, I’m the queen of the beach two, I’m the queen of the beach three, I’m the queen of the beach four.” And then exhale, saying: “I’m the queen of the beach once, I’m the queen of the beach two.” And do it ten times, three times a day.

#2. Second “Cocktail” – Breathing through the kung fu system

This method of breathing will relax the stomach, release muscles from tension and allow the body to intensively process food. It is especially useful to do this exercise five to ten times before each meal. -Stand up. Remember that these exercises can always be changed to suit your needs. But if only you have such an opportunity, get up and perform it standing up.

Taking a deep breath in your nose, take your head back, taking such a position, as if you are watching if there is dust on the chandelier. -Make a tiny pause, for a few milliseconds, and then… -With exertion, exhale; Make a loud, distinct sound “ha”, bringing your head into the usual position. And remember, if you at any moment feel that you are giving up, say mentally while breathing: “K-u-n-g-f-u.”

An effective way to lose weight without dietary restrictions

#3. Third “Cocktail” – “Stretched Breathing”

This cocktail is very good for better consumption of oxygen inside. Carry out the following sequence of exercises once a day. -Put your feet to a width of 45 – 50 centimeters. -Tie your arms behind your back and pull them down towards your heels. -Breathing in your nose, lift and spread your chest, lower your chin on it. -Feel how your lungs and chest are inflated. Then exhale through the nose and lift the chin. -Return to the starting position. Repeat all three times. -Now grab the left hand of the right hand and extend your arms in front of the body. -Breathing in your nose, round your back and bend your knees so that the whole body leans forward. -Feel how the back of the lungs fill with air. Breathe in and relax, returning to a neutral position. -Repeat the exercise three times.

An effective way to lose weight without dietary restrictions


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