15 Laundry Hacks Will Make Your Clothes Bright and Fresh Like Spring

Laundry Hacks

Doing laundry is a chore you just can’t ignore. But nevertheless you have to do it every week. One of the worst things about laundry is the fact that it is so elaborate and involves so many steps. From fabric softener to separating your load by colour and fabric there’s so much you have to think about. Laundry is essentially an ordeal.

But what if we tell you that there are easier ways to do laundry? In fact there are hacks which you can follow which will make washing clothes less tedious, less time consuming and will also be more productive. Here’s presenting the best and cleverest laundry hacks.

1Use dry towels

Do you know laundry dries faster if you use dry towels in the process? Hang dry towels between the rows of wet laundered clothes and you’ll see your laundry dried quicker. What happens is that the dry towels absorb the moisture and leads to the clothes drying naturally but faster.

Use dry towels

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2Heat up stubborn stains

There are certain types of stains which are very difficult to get rid of. Like dry dirt, oil or sauce. There is a way to get these marks out. You’ll need a hairdryer for this. Take the stain and dry it with your hair dryer for at least 2 to 3 minutes. Then after it dries out substantially, use detergent on it and put it in the washer. You’ll see the stain goes out if it’s heated before its washed.

Heat up stubborn stains

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3Always use cold water on socks

You should never use hot water to wash socks. Most stains and dirt on our socks are protein-based and are tricky to get out. If you apply hot water to these stains they become more difficult to put out. Therefore you should always wash socks with cold water. Try washing them separately if you have to.

Always use cold water on socks

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4How to wash caps?

People are often curious about washing caps as they are scared of messing up the shape. The best way to wash caps is to ditch the washing machine altogether. Use dishwashers instead. Since caps are smaller it should be no problem. Just put the cap on the uppermost shelf of the dishwasher and start the cycle. You will see that your cap is cleaner than a washing machine wash.

How to wash caps?

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5Removing makeup stains

People unanimously agree that makeup stains are the worst. You’ll know if you’ve ever had a speck of foundation or lipstick on your shirt or jacket and had a tough time getting it out. What you can do is use some shaving cream on it. Just apply some shaving cream on the dirty area with makeup stains and then wash it like you would normally wash it. You’ll see that the makeup stains are gone.

Removing makeup stains

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You can we use tinfoil

We often forget about the static electricity in out clothes. But it’s something we should keep in mind. In fact if we put some rolled up tinfoil balls in the machine when it’s being washed, you’ll see that it absorbs static charge from clothes.

You can we use tinfoil

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7Separating clothes

You should always separate clothes for washing them – but not by colour. Most people make this mistake but ideally you should separate clothes by fabric. Heavier fabrics absorb more water and detergents affect all clothes depending on their fabric. So the machine also work differently in case of different fabrics.

Separating clothes

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8Ditch the conditioner

Detergent conditioner is not something you should go for if you want your clothes to be whiter. If you don’t really care about how sparkly white your clothes are you can stick to conditioner. But if you want sparkly, clear white clothes opt for bleach as it gives you better results.

Ditch the conditioner

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9Here’s what to do with shrunk clothes

This hack will probably save your life. Turns out you can fix clothes that have shrunk in size. Using baby shampoo while washing clothes actually helps the clothes restore their earlier shape. Here’s what you do. Add some baby shampoo to the wash and let it sink for at least 15 minutes. Then dry it with a towel and let it dry horizontally and not vertically. This will flatten the fabric out and the piece will get its size back.

What to do with shrunk clothes

What to do with shrunk clothes

10For lipstick stains

Do you know how to get rid of those pesky lipstick stains on your collars? We do. You can actually use some plain white bread for that. Cut off the crusts of the bread and make the soft white part into a ball, which should be fairly simpler. Then blot it on the stain. Then put the clothing item in the washer and wash it like you usually do, you will see the lipstick stains are gone.

For lipstick stains

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11For grease stains

Grease is perhaps the worst stain of all, especially on lighter clothes. There are actually several practical ways of getting out grease stains easily. You can either use chalk. Simply rub a chalk on the grease stain and the chalk powder will actually absorb the grease. Or use baby powder. Just brush some powder on the greasy area and let it sit for a while. Repeat it again, and you will see the grease has almost fully come off.

For grease stains

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12Clean washing machine

The basis of clean clothes is a clean washing machine. It is very important to clean up your machine regularly – every week if possible. You can in fact use special detergents which are solely meant for this purpose. Or you can just use some regular mouthwash which you probably have in your bathroom cabinet already. Just add half a glass of mouthwash in the washing machine and start a full washing cycle.

Clean washing machine

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13Keeping your socks

As you probably know sometimes socks disappear during a wash as they get stuck in the machine. To stop it from happening, and to keep smaller items from being lost, you can do a simple trick. Just use a thin bag for washing your socks or other small items. You will even get bags available in the market, which are made for this purpose.

Laundry Hacks

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14For whiter whites

The aspirin trick is also very handy for making your clothes cleaner. When you are washing your white clothes, preferably together, you can just use some aspirin during the wash. Just put some aspirin pills into the washing machine, and you will see your clothes are noticeably whiter.

Laundry Hacks

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15Never over dry

Do not over dry your clothes. In fact, if they are a little damp, that’s fine as they will dry naturally. But over-dried clothes become resistant to thermal impact and thus you will have a hard time ironing them.

Laundry Hacks

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