Kind Of Morpho Butterfly Domes Art Creation Maria A Aristidou

Kind Of Morpho Butterfly Domes Art Creation Maria A Aristidou

A simple sheet of paper gets transformed into a butterfly.

Starting from scanning and printing a real morpho butterfly, I cut out the shape, repaint it, shape it using different techniques and then place it on metal rods. A combination of varnish, glue and ‘secret ingredients’ help the butterflies stay in place even when turning the dome upside down (which is not recommended).

I started making different kind of domes, either with my original blue morpho or a combination of butterflies and other objects, in March 2017.

The first one I ever made was after my grandmother’s death. After a week locked in the studio, I started working manically grabbing anything I could find, from an old piece of paper to screws and printing materials, trying to piece things together in order to create something that will help with my mourning and possibly something that would later be dedicated to my grandmother.

We now live in a digital world where our lives are being recorded and posted everyday for the whole world to see and the ones after us to remember. In the case of my grandmother, the only record of her existence would be through me – the memories we built together and the stories, which I choose to share with the world. Creating a piece that would withstand time is like preserving her memory though my work and keeping her alive through the whole process.

Color Blue: Royal Blue is to signify the importance and the impact that my grandmother had in my life, as well as ‘blue feeling’ to express sadness or depression.

Little did I know that after the first one I would be making butterfly domes as a living. After working with the original blues, I started experimenting with other colors such as green, orange and multi-colors, placing them inside domes as well as boxed paintings. The first little dome expanded in a series of vintage notebooks dressed in my butterfly pattern and other accessories.

And as Disney once said:

“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”

Aim, Work hard and the results will reward you.

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The original Blue Morpho, faux butterfly taxidermy cloche

Making of the Original Morpho Butterfly Dome

Morpho Butterfly Dome with an old book from 1887

Blue Morpho Butterfly Dome with a stand

Blue Morpho Butterfly dome with a human skull replica

Blue Morpho Butterfly dome with an old book and Victorian dollhouse tea set

Blue Morpho Butterfly Dome with a set of old books from 1887

Blue, white and green with Gold Leaf Butterfly Dome with Faux Leaves

Green Butterfly Dome with an old book, miniature candle sticks and fireplace tools set

Green Butterfly Dome with a set of old books and metallic details

Combination of Orange, Green and White Butterflies Dome with Faux leaves

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