Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Gordon Ramsay has dominated the celebrity chef world for years.

Starting out in his 20s, he quickly made a name for himself as a chef and then later found his way to our TVs. His fiery temper and scathing comments to tearful contestants on “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Masterchef,” as well as hapless restaurant owners on “Kitchen Nightmares,” have made for satisfying — if terribly stressful — entertainment.

But there’s more to Ramsay than snarling insults and an unchecked barrage of F-bombs. Keep reading to find out some little-known facts about the hot-tempered chef-turned-TV-personality.

He Is One Of The World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities

Between his restaurants and TV shows, Ramsay cooks up quite the annual salary. In 2016, he even tied with Beyoncé (and surpassed Kim Kardashian West!) for the 34th spot on Forbes’ list of highest-paid celebrities. His pull for that year was $54 million, and he increased his earnings to $60 million the following year, bumping up to No. 26 (tying with Elton John and Garth Brooks) on Forbes’ 2017 list.

In 2012, Forbes named Ramsay the highest-earning chef — although by 2017, he’d been bumped from the top spot by Paul Bocuse, Jamie Oliver and Alan Wong.

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His First Career Choice Was Professional Soccer Player

Like many young British boys, Ramsay originally aspired to be a professional soccer player. He has even claimed in the past that he played for Scotland’s Glasgow Rangers team until a knee injury snuffed out his pro-soccer-playing gooooooaaals. His claims are inaccurate, though the Rangers did apparently monitor Ramsay as a potential player when he was a teen before he suffered an injury.


He Has His Own Video Games

If watching Ramsay shriek at people on TV simply isn’t enough for you, check out these virtual worlds in which you can interact with the chef. For Nintendo Wii, there is a “Hell’s Kitchen” game, which features a depiction of Ramsay so lifelike that it may actually scare you. Or try Ramsay’s mobile game, Restaurant DASH, in which players use their virtual culinary skills and restaurant management prowess to become “the next rising star chef” — all under Ramsay’s stern mentorship. For those who thrive under pressure, these games are for you.

Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant Dash

He Has Been Married For 22 Years

Ramsay is married to Cayetana “Tana” Hutcheson, a former teacher. Wed in 1996, the two have weathered some storms throughout their years of marriage, but none of the drama seems to have affected their union. In fact, after a scandalous feud between Ramsay and Tana’s father, Chris Hutcheson, the TV chef told The Sun, “We looked after each other. And it’s actually brought us — me, Tana and the children — closer than we’ve ever been before. Our marriage is stronger as a result of it all.”

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He Is Rather Obsessed With Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is so near and dear to Ramsay’s heart that there’s an entire section devoted to it on the website for Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurants — including recipes for making the classic meat-in-pastry dish at home. It also seems to be the dish he most enjoys berating his contestants for screwing up.


He Studied Hotel Management

After his soccer star dreams were dashed, Ramsay attended a technical school for a degree in hotel management. So he does know a bloody thing or two about customer service! Of course, this knowledge came in handy when Ramsay tried to help rehabilitate struggling hoteliers in another one of his shows, “Hotel Hell.”


He Was Once Held At Gunpoint While Filming A TV Segment

For a 2011 episode of the British show “The Big Fish Fight,” in which Ramsay investigated the ingredients of shark fin soup, he traveled to Costa Rica to investigate the area’s illegal shark fin trade. Ramsay claims he discovered a sack full of shark fins below a boat, and when he threw the sack on deck, “everyone started screaming and shouting,” he told The Telegraph. “Back at the wharf, there were people pointing rifles at us to stop us filming … The police came and advised us to leave the country. They said, ‘If you set one foot in there, they’ll shoot you.’”


There Are Five Things He Thinks Everyone Should Be Able To Cook

You don’t need to be a world-class chef at home, but Ramsay believes there are five dishes everyone should learn how to cook. These include a great burger, a good breakfast, a chicken dish, a braising dish (the kind of thing “you can cook on a Monday and still eat on Friday,” he told curious Reddit users) and a great cake.


He Has Participated In Ironman Competitions

The knee injury that ended Ramsay’s soccer dreams certainly didn’t stop him from pursuing fitness as an adult. He has participated in over 15 marathons, three ultra-marathons, three half-Ironmans and two Ironman World Championships (which require running a full marathon, bicycling for 122 miles and swimming 2.4 miles). The reason he works out so hard? “Training is my release,” he told the Telegraph.

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