I Went To The Slovakian Tatras With My Girlfriend And Her Family. This Is What I Saw

Slovakian Tatras

Together with my girlfriend and her parents, I made a trip to Tatranská Lomnica in Slovakia. This town is the most popular place to visit if you want to explore the beautiful Tatra mountains.

For me, it’s one of the top 10 most beautiful places in Europe.

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Majestic As F**k!


Hotel 'Patria'. Am I The Only One Who Think About 'The Overlook' Hotel From King's Book?

Hotel ‘Patria’. Am I the only one who think about ‘The Overlook’ hotel from ‘King’s book’?


Say 'Hello' To That Awesome Dude!

Say ‘hello’ to that awesome dude!


Great Place To Chillin'


The View On Mountains From The Trail




Vodopády Studeného Potoka - You Can Translate It Like 'Cold Water Waterfalls'

Vodopády Studeného potoka – You can translate it like ‘cold water waterfalls’


*sing Ylvis- The Cabin*


View On Lomnica Peak From Skalne Pleso (1751m)

The view on Lomnica Peak from Skalne Pleso (1751m)


Car Of The Mountain Railway To Lomnica Peak

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