I Spent Years Trying To Photograph Moments Of “Catisfaction” (Part 2)


I like to call myself a “Catographer” because it is from almost 6 years that I’ve been taking only photos of cats. I’ve worked on 2 main projects (Passions and the ongoing C-AT Work) before starting the Cats in Venice project that became a book in April 2018.

So during these years, I met a huge quantity of amazing cats, each one with different qualities and behaviors. I’ve always tried to catch cats’ expressions of satisfaction, or Catisfaction as I like to call it, a sort of happy face or feeling (previously here).

This is what I like the most, when cats show some kind of happiness. So many people say that cats don’t smile as dogs do… Well this is the proof that cats can smile as well!

So I did a selection of photos from different cat-projects I’ve realized during these years that resumes what Catisfaction looks like. I don’t know if they are really happy or not but their faces in some moments of relaxing when they are really enjoying cuddles make me smile and give me a sense of peace that seems to be something like happiness.

I like cats because they don’t do what you want them to do, they understand us very well but they just won’t do what you are asking for. I think that’s why people think they are antisocial. But what makes me happy is exactly when I take a photo like these: it is all so spontaneous, no one can tell them to ‘be satisfied’ and I realize that the moment is so precious and intimate. That’s how Catisfaction looks like!

#1 Albert Catisfied

Albert Catisfied

#2 Gigetta Catisfied

Gigetta Catisfied

#3 Eusebio Catisfied

Eusebio Catisfied

#4 Bacco Catisfied

Bacco Catisfied

#5 Tigra Catisfied

Tigra Catisfied

#6 Nelly Catisfied

Nelly Catisfied

#7 Ringhio Catisfied

Ringhio Catisfied

#8 Soda Catisfied

Soda Catisfied

#9 Oreste Catisfied

Oreste Catisfied

#10 Morgana Catisfied

Matisse Catisfied

#12 Ettore Catisfied

Ettore Catisfied

#13 Prugna Catisfied

Prugna Catisfied

#14 Merlino Catisfied

Merlino Catisfied

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