I Needle Felt Wool Sculptures Of Wildlife Animals

Wool Sculptures

Many years ago I discovered the art of needle felting. When you needle felt, you stab wool fiber repeatedly with a very sharp, barbed needle. The barbs of the needle felt the wool into shapes and thus you can sculpt it!

I love this medium because the wool is warm and organic in my hands and I find, it adds “life” to my animals all by itself.

I used to paint for a major animation studio where I spent many, many hours a day painting on a computer in a dark room. While it was a fun time, I now treasure sitting in my studio, in the light, working with my hands in a completely different way.

I do not strive to make my animals look 100% realistic (they are made of wool after all). By trying to capture the individual character of each animal, my sculptures appear realistic. Sometimes I get angry emails from people that are upset because they are convinced I am sending baby bunnies through the mail!


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#1 Octopus


The detail was a lot of work! Needle felted over the wire. The eyes are hand painted. I spent 80 to 90 hours creating this.


#3 Hedgehog



#4 Baby Bunnies

Baby Bunnies

Needle felted and life-size.


#5 Burrowing Owls

Burrowing Owls


#6 Whitetail Fawn

Whitetail Fawn


#7 Quokka


I was surprised that many people do not know about the happiest animal on earth! He is needle felted over the wire out of 100% wool, has glass eyes and a nose sculpted of wax.


#8 Diorama Mouse

#9 Baby Bunny

Baby Bunny


#10 Albino Eastern Screech Owl

Albino Eastern Screech Owl



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