I Bring My Childhood Imagination To Life By Illustrating Lights In A Surreal Way (15 Pics)

childhood imagination

I am always fascinated by light. We can see it yet it is intangible. Being one of the most universal symbols, light often symbolizes life, hope, and intelligence. But I have been exploring the other sides of light: one of the most obscure, mysterious and quirky things in nature.

As an illustrator, I now make my childhood imagination come to life by creating these surreal illustrations. They are fun and playful! I hope you get inspired by these electromagnetic radiations!

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#1 Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun

Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” And I couldn’t agree more!

#2 Light Painter

Light Painter

When I was a kid, I used to imagine the light painter silently lighting up the city with his magical paint.

#3 Upgrade


Long overdue upgrade.

#4 Tangled


Oops this is gonna be complicated.

#5 Raining Lights

Raining Lights

Rainy days are the best!

#6 Fill In The Lights

Fill In The Lights

The light workers are working tirelessly to fill up our cities at night.

#7 Saving Energy

Saving Energy

Lights are precious so use them sparingly.

#8 Peep



#9 Assemble An Idea

Assemble An Idea

I’m always hungry for new ideas!

#10 Silky Light

Silky Light

Poetic light.

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