Guy Shows How You Can Make A Mini Barbecue From A Can, And It’s Actually Doable

The word ‘barbecue’ typically stirs up images of large get togethers, backyards and of course a large grilling machine in the center of it all. Well let’s be real not all of us have the luxury of living in a house with a backyard or even enough green to hold a barbecue, well ‘Rincon Util’ or ‘Mr.Useful’ is here with a simple solution.

This life-hack YouTuber has created a simple step-by-step DIY project, where you can create your own own barbecue! No it’s not some elaborate MacGyver style creation. Using simply an aluminum can, screws, bolts, a small hinge and knob anyone can fashion together a mini barbecue machine. Apegeo has all the steps for you below. Just try not to set anything on fire!

This is one very doable DIY project

People seemed to have mixed reactions

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