Look Like They’re Going To Become Our Overlords

Animals Hilarious Photos

1. This seemingly giant seagull that towers over tiny humans.


2. This dog that appears to have the ability to float through the air in a large bubble.


3. This fire-breathing dog.


4. This half dog/half man that was probably tailgating a postal truck.


5. This dog/person spotted on public transportation.


6. And this dog/human that’s just kicking back.


7. This adorably buff cat/human hybrid.


8. This person who REALLY looks like they have an alpaca head.


9. This iPhone-loving eagle.


10. This fish that is probably really good at the breast stroke.


11. And this dog/human who is trying to reel that fish in.


12. This colorfully-dressed woman with — NBD — a horse’s head.

Animals Hilarious Photos

13. This horse that looks like it is giving birth out of its mouth. Yikes!


14. This loooooooong horse.


15. And this ostrich that needs to be cast in a shampoo commercial.

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