Heartrending Photos That Are More Dramatic Than Any Brazilian TV-Series

Heartrending Photos

“All the world’s a stage,” and based on the characters in this compilation, sometimes people appear as if they are the actors of a dramatic play. Even the events that happen to them look scripted. And the culmination is the moment that is frozen in the following pictures.

We at Apegeo have collected 25 pictures that are incredibly intense.

“I’m not saying he’s right, but I get it.”

When you are in danger, you try to save the most valuable things you have.

“Say it again.”

When your relationship is really complicated:

The moment when life splits into “before” and “after”

Looks like the opening of the subway station will be delayed.

When everything around must freeze and wait:

Someone pissed of the universe pretty bad…

When you added a little too much pepper:

When you the break rules, you pay for it.

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