Funniest News Broadcast Slip-Ups Of All Time

Funniest News Broadcast

As a news reporter, you never want to be the story. But sometimes, your live broadcast doesn’t go exactly according to plan. Whether it’s extreme weather – or just idiots in the back of your shot looking to get famous on television – the news can quickly turn into a (thoroughly unplanned) comedy hour.

Said Back Off

When you can’t explain how much you don’t want to be interviewed

Superhero Fail

Spiderman – mediocre at saving local reporters.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Perfect photo bombing.


That was rude!

Bad Picture Placement

Or is it genious?

Fun at the Park

Wear a belt next time.

Keeping the Straight Face

No matter what’s going on in the background.

Hit and Miss

The things reporters have to be ready for…


You never want an accidential nose run to ruin your report.

Pushing Erykah Badu

Hi There


let me just slap you real quick.

Like a Turtle

How can he not notice that?


The most unexpected things sometimes happen in the background.

Snow Patrol

A true reporter is not afraid of weather conditions.

Hey, Mom…


No, it’s not the frozen screen, but the face.

Missed It There

The dude was too polite to say something.

Very Subtle

The life of a technical director as it is.


Must have been some fun news.

Not So Gentle

Watch out for the huge baloon.

Nobody Can See Me, Right?

Nobody besides millions of viewers, no.

Just Another Boring Talk Show

Wait For It…

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