16 Money-Saving Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home

Elevate Your Home With 16 Money-Saving Design Ideas

Sometimes we want to add something new to our interior but we don’t like items in the stores or just don’t want to spend money on them. Fortunately, you can create cool things with your own 2 hands, without spending huge sums of money. Today we’ve collected some simple, handmade ideas that you can bring to life.

Apegeo shares some design ideas that will definitely upgrade your home.

16. Create a nice shower floor mat.

It’s a cool idea for those who are tired of their boring shower floor. If you want to add something new to your bathroom, this mat is what you’ve been looking for.

15. Decorate an empty wall with photos.

Sometimes even minimalism lovers want to decorate the walls in their rooms. In this case, a photo collage would be really nice. You can create this decoration without spending a single cent since we all already have our favorite shots at home.

14. A second chance for a carpet

If you have an old rug, you can try this idea. With the help of paint and tape, you can turn an ordinary rug into a designer one. Create a unique pattern and enjoy your brand new item.

13. Renew a bench.

You don’t have to waste a lot of money to make a cozy item out of an old bench. Add a couple of pillows and get some rest!

12. Additional space

There’s always a lack of shelving and drawers in the laundry room, but there’s enough space that you can actually use. We recommend installing countertop that you’ll be able to put different baskets and jars on and get yourself organized.

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