A Blogger Showed the Changes in Her Face When She Started to Eat Meat After a 4-Year Vegan Diet

Kasumi Kriss Eat Meat After a 4-Year Vegan Diet

A blogger from the Netherlands, Kasumi Kriss, tells about her digression from a vegan diet that she followed for 4 years. Only 3 weeks of eating high-quality meat transformed her from both the inside and the outside.

This blogger shared her personal story where all of us will find something useful. At least, we at Apegeo hope so.

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"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." – Eleanor Roosevelt ———————————————————— I am happiest when minding my own business. Not worrying, caring or thinking of what others think or do. For the most part, people project their world onto yours. I understand that now. By understanding, it helps me even more to stick to my own thing, to walk my own path, and to listen to my inner being. For example I love living my Vegan lifestyle. I love the way it makes me feel, I love how it has a positive ripple effect on the the world around me in a spiritual and physical way. I love how it helped me open my mind to so many other things that improved my life. I won't let negativity from others change my mind. Don't be mad, because I am doing me better than you are doing you. Turn that energy, and focus back on yourself to become a better person than you were yesterday, or even a moment ago. ————————————————————- This sushi spot was so nice! I definitely recommend it. (@yanavanmaarseveen 📸) . . . . . #genroku #sushi #miso #girl #wanderlust #travel #amsterdam #exploring #love #vegangirl #plantbased #brunette #latina #dutchgirl #vlogger #fitdutchies #sakura #flowers #colorful #sweet #lifestyle #mindset #veganism #motivation #selfimprovement #寿司 #ビーガン #桜 #オランダ

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Kasumi Kriss decided to try a vegan diet for reasons connected with health and it really helped for the first time. Her acne and pimples changed, her well-being improved, and she became more energetic. But at the beginning she faced some issues with digestion.

After 2 years the condition of her skin changed (acne, dryness, and irritation appeared again), while the food started to seem like it was working against her. Her nails and hair became brittle and due to the stress on her body, her menstrual cycle stopped for 4 months.

Once, during this vegan exploration, Kasumi allowed herself to eat one boiled egg. The effect of that egg exceeded all expectations: she didn’t have any negative thoughts for the next 3 days and her mood started to improve drastically.

Shortly after, the blogger decided to stop her vegan diet and changed her eating habits. She shared her feelings with her subscribers saying, “Sometimes I feel strange, but I think it’s the right solution.”

After only 3 weeks on this new diet, Kasumi sums it up saying, “My skin became better, my face is less chubby, but the main thing is that I don’t feel lifeless anymore.”

So here are the results, “The left photo shows her as a vegan for 4 years, eating only fruits and vegetables. The right photo shows the result of 3 weeks of eating a diet that incorporated high-quality meat.”

Which do you prefer: vegetables, fruits, or meat? Please, tell us your story in the comments!

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