Dont judge An Octopus By Its Appear

Smart Octopus Stories

In nature, octopuses only live in waters full of salt. But that doesn’t mean they’re salty themselves. Tumblr users have been sharing wholesome stories about these soft-bodied creatures, and a whopping 790K people have liked their thread on the social platform so far.

The octopus love is spreading, and you’ll fall for them after reading the texts as well. However, it’s worth mentioning that even though most researchers know lots about the natural habitat of the octopus and do their very best to recreate it for a great setting, being able to observe them in a controlled environment is extremely difficult. New settings alter their behaviors too much for them to be credible.

And despite how cool they are, you shouldn’t get an octopus as a pet. They already have a very short life span, and being in captivity can create nervous system problems for them. It also stresses them so much, they often stop eating. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, scroll down and enjoy the stories!

Image credits: Bernard DUPONT

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