23 Pictures From People Who Had Just One Chance to Take a Photo and They Didn’t Miss It

depicting unique moments

We can wait for hours to take a perfect picture of the sunrise or a shooting star. But sometimes our life creates scenarios where we only need our camera and good timing. The photographers behind these photos caught just the right moment to create their masterpiece.

Apegeo gathered 23 photos depicting unique moments that wouldn’t have been captured if the timing wasn’t just right.



depicting unique moments

“Whales surface spectacularly near a small boat.”

Depicting unique moments

Depicting unique moments

Depicting unique moments

Depicting unique moments

“My friend took a photo of me swinging my shirt around and it looks like I tamed a bird to perch on my hand.”

Shameless attack

“Me feeding this squirrel some bread.”

When animals like you:

A bird fixed his hairstyle.

The moon between skyscrapers


“My friend took this picture of me exactly when the lightning struck.”

When you’re hungry and kinda greedy:

Don’t forget to look down.

“My phone vibrated at the exact moment I took a picture.”


Depicting unique moments

Now we know who wakes up first.

This cat could be a star.

A penguin trying to fly

“A photo of a bird holding a shark that’s eating a fish.”



“Lightning strikes at the same time as the camera shutter rolls.”

Do you have any photos of moments that will never be captured again?

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