Cuisine Drawings – Chasing Dream Lua Lazarovic To Be An Illustrator

Cuisine Drawings - Chasing Dream Lua Lazarovic To Be An Illustrator

Hi everyone, My name is Lua Lazarovic, and since it’s the holiday season, I would love to tell you a little story about my deepest wish this Christmas.

I have always longed to make my way into the wonderful world of creative imaging and be able to express myself – all while doing a form of work that brings actual joy to my soul.

I worked hard on building up an online portfolio, where I would post regularly (usually daily). After exploring many subjects, I found that food illustration brings a special kind of delight both to me and to my followers, so I started focusing more on this subject. However, the online world is a very competitive place, especially for growing artists. Although I have reached many people, I never got that one commission or collaboration everyone dreams of, the one that would allow me to demonstrate my skills and be seen by other people who might need my services.

So here I am, showing some of my work, in the hopes that – if you guys and gals like my drawings – I may reach the right people. Becoming involved in an illustration project would really be the best Christmas present I could wish for.

Until now, I have explored a varied range of subjects (see the link to my portfolio below), but for now, I decided to show you my most recent food illustrations. I hope they will bring you joy and inspire you to try something new before the end of 2018.

Happy holidays, everyone! And thank you for the happy moments we shared as members of this community.

More info:

#1 Ramen Soup

Ramen Soup

#2 Chocolate Cheesecake
Chocolate Cheesecake

#3 Soy Glazed Chicken

Soy Glazed Chicken

#4 Walnut Rum Cake
Walnut Rum Cake

#5 Chocolate Cherry Cheese Cream Tarts
Chocolate Cherry Cheese Cream Tarts

#6 Prawn Soup

Prawn Soup

#7 Pancakes With Blueberry Jam
Pancakes With Blueberry Jam

#8 Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie

Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie

#9 Fruitcake

#10 Marinated Olives And Mozarella With Toast
Marinated Olives And Mozarella With Toast


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