Crazy Food Presentations That Will Blow Your Mind

Afternoon tea served in a bookcase. Pretty quaint, huh?



Perfect for summer!

What “extra” pickles at Subway look like:extra-pickles-at-subway

Oh my gosh!

I asked for “nothing” as dessert and got this:

Ordered a cup of coffee with Bailey’s.

That’s the Russian spirit!

We’re not sure what to make of this.

Would you eat this meal served on a dog bowl?

Double pepperoni FTW!

This is what stylish food presentation is all about.

A yellow canary.

Ordered an ice cream sandwich at McDonald’s.

Could you devour this sword burger in 20 minutes?

Cocktail served on a mini-bathtub. What a cutie!

Spaghetti eaten right off the table. Kids seem happy.

Will they serve these during Wimbledon?

Who wants to eat this beef wellington on a barbed wire?

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