Check Out The Modern Logos Of Famous Painters

Have you ever thought how famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci or Salvador Dali would create in the modern world? What if these famous painters had their own modern logos?

After working as a branding designer for a long time, Brazilian artist Milton Omena challenged himself to expand his design boundaries and get out of his comfort zone and fulfill his idea of creating visual identities for famous painters. He carefully thought of painting styles, painters personalities, habits and lifestyles and how each of them would have a unique logo, brand or product.

“For example, I have never made freehand logos or proportion calculus. I have never used pastels or more than 3 colors. Using the inspiration from painters who already had their strong styles established was a way of exercising my versatility,” the designer told.

Go down the page and check out the modern logos of famous painters!

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Leonardo da Vinci

As reference the designer used Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches, notebooks and studies. Even though this artist is known
for his brilliant use of perspective and depth in backgrounds and amazingly expressive portraits, Milton figured
that his inventor side would reflect more his personality.


Vincent van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh is said to be a very reserved and thoughtful person and a very meticulous artist, therefore, Milton was inspired by his iconic brush pattern. The designer explained that the brand identity became the only logical way to encompass his enormous influence.


Claude Monet

Monet was the most influential Impressionist artist, and the name of the artistic movement came from his work “Impression: Sunrise”. The designer was inspired by his famous series of paintings depicting the bridge over the lake of water lilies.


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