A Twitter user parodies ‘basic influencer girls’ – and social media users have been loving it

basic influencer girls

A video posted on Twitter mocking influencers has gained the attention of the Internet, with over 5,000 social media users sharing the video so far.

The rise of the “influencer” has been meteoric over the last few years, with many social media creators boasting hundreds of thousands of followers and more even here in Singapore.

Twitter user @LOLA however, has poked fun at those who call themselves “influencers” or content creators, with a video she posted last Sunday (Sept 23).

As of the time of writing the video, it has over 5,500 retweets and almost 4,900 likes on Twitter.

In the video, Farah, who is the sister of popular comedian Fakkah Fuzz, plays a character named Chanel Chan that claims to be a content creator.

Chanel has a PSLE score of 69, photoshops herself into exotic travel locations (sound familiar?), and includes a copious amount of product placements in her videos, which are all traits or practices that the typical influencer is known for.

She even included a humorous poem at the end of the video:

Users have praised the video, saying:

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