Artist Creates Surreal Landscapes That Balances Between Nature And Another Dimension

Surreal Landscapes

Salvador Dali is the king of dystopian landscapes, creating elaborate worlds with nothing but paint and a canvas. Well, thanks to photoshop new artists have a unique tool to experiment with surrealism. Polish-born artist Mirek is one such artist who is using his 10 years of experience with the editing software to create one-of-a-kind images.

His creations are manipulations of natural landscapes combined with other images containing mostly gothic style elements. He said in an interview his process begins with the location, “I am looking for the best example of a mountain landscape, then I define the atmosphere of work and I choose photos in a similar climate. I check various configurations and combinations of these photos and choose the best.”

The self-taught artist said he finds seeks inspiration from other surrealist works but tries to focus on keeping his own style, “Just do not look at others, create what we have in our hearts, each heart beats with its rhythm and that makes us unique.”

Scroll down below to see his twistedly beautiful art.

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Is Mirek



Is Mirek



Is Mirek

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