Are These Animals Ugly, Cute, Or Ugly-Cute?

Animals Ugly

1. Let’s start out easy — is this sloth ugly, cute, or ugly-cute?


2. This little guy is an aye-aye.


3. How about this dude, an axolotl salamander?


4. This little buddy is called a frogfish. Thoughts?


5. This is a shoebill. They are often five feet tall!!


6. Tapirs have flexible prehensile noses. Cute nor nah?


7. Here we have a tarsier. Its brain is the size of ONE of its eyeballs. Neat!


8. Let’s not forget the North American opossum!


9. This little fella is a long-eared bat. No idea how it got that name.


10. Australia once waged war against its native emu population. The emus won.


11. Most people agree that cats are cute. But what about sphinx cats?


12. Check out this toad. It looks like he should be named Greg. Is Greg ugly or adorable?

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