Amazing Sights Mind-Blowing and Scream Insanity

Scream Insanity

Have you ever come across something either in nature or in your home and started wondering, “how?” and “why?” The world is filled with amazing sights that are discovered every single day and whether they put a smile on our faces or a question mark in our heads, they’re always mind-blowing.


Here at Apegeo, we’ve decided to dive into the dark web and take a look at the most insane sights we could find.


1. The grass that grew through the aloe vera plant


2. The triangle elevator

3. The worm that looks like Christmas

4. The tree that splits and comes back together

5. The elevator toilet

6. The car covered in smaller cars

7. This banana is literally ahead of its time.

10. The fire detector that’s on fire

Scream Insanity

22. A beehive built around wind chimes

23. Cordyceps fungus growing on arachnids

24. A tree that is in two places at once

25. The loaf of bread that was sliced the wrong way

26. The PC clean-up service

Scream Insanity
27. This boy is playing bowling on his iPad while he is at the bowling alley.

28. Shedding like a snake

Which of these pictures surprised you the most, and which of these pictures made you laugh out loud? Please let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends to brighten their day.

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