A French Bookstore Mixes Their Customer’s Faces With Book Covers, and the Results Are Oddly Satisfying

Interestingly enough, there’s a bookstore in France which took their customers’ visiting experience to the next level.

Customer’s Faces With Book Covers Photography Make The Results Surprisingly Entertaining

Everyone wants to visit their local bookstore to browse through their favorite section, pick a book, buy it, and then go home. Interestingly enough, there’s a bookstore in France which took their customers’ visiting experience to the next level. They take the relevant book covers and align them with their customers’ faces, and the results are surprisingly entertaining.

Here at Apegeo, we found the most interesting photographs they’ve taken with peoples’ faces and book covers and we wanted to share them with you as well.

1. A newborn baby-adult yawning

2. The nails and a beret are coincidentally a perfect match.

5. Shiny hair and a whole new identity


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