7 sleeping positions and their effects on health

sleeping positions

It is obvious that by this time you are already aware of the fact that sleep is very important part of your life and a lot of health issues depend on the quality and of course quantity of your sleep. However, you may have never even thought about the fact that the position you sleep in matters greatly too.

The thing is that very often we may get up feeling tired or even wake up at night or snore due to the reason of sleeping in an improper position. That is exactly what we are going to talk about today; we will discuss seven most common sleeping positions and their effects on your health. Once you know that you are sleeping in the wrong way, you may eliminate lots of issues by correcting it.

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#1. Sleeping on your belly

This sleeping positions may result in strain in your neck and lower back.


#2. Sleeping on your back

This sleeping positions may result in lower back pain too, besides if you are a snorer sleeping on your back will make it worse.

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#3. Spooning

On the one hand, you may be waking your partner up if you cuddle during the night. However, on the other hand, you will ease out and get more relaxed and less stressed, which is great.

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#4. Sleeping on the Side

The best sleeping positions to deal with snoring is to sleep on your side.


#5. Back Pain

When it comes to dealing with back pain the best position to cure you of it would be on your back.

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#6. Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have to be especially careful when it comes to their sleep position. The research proves that sleeping on the left side is the best position since you allow all the nutritious elements to get to your baby while sleeping.


#7. Starfish

In case you deal a lot with neck and back pain then starfish position would be the best possible way out for you.

Sleep tight!

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