30- Women Who Know Why “Beauty Is Pain” Better Than Anyone

beauty disasters

We’ve all been there: struggling to draw on the perfectly winged eyeliner to achieve that exquisite cat-eye, trying on numerous face masks before a big event or wondering if we have lipstick on our teeth all night. When it comes to beauty, the countless disasters that we tend to face are inevitable — it’s like a domino effect where one thing happens after another, yet we still persist in order to achieve the exact look we had in mind.

Here at Apegeo, we’ve collected some funny and relatable beauty disasters that almost every woman has faced at least once in her life.

1. The eyelash curler that should’ve been called “The eyelash cutter”

2. Feather brows that look like brown grass

3. This girl who wanted to put on eyelashes but she used SUPER GLUE instead of eyelash glue…

4. Even though charcoal paste can whiten your teeth, it doesn’t mean it will do the same for your sink.

5. When it smells like chocolate, it must be chocolate.

6. Not sure if this is the correct way to do it…

9. Someone’s idea of hair strokes is zebra lines…

The eyebrows you were looking at are currently out of service.

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10. When your cat is not a fan of makeup:

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