30 Photos of the Totally Hilarious Creatures We Call Dogs (Alert: Your Sides May Cramp From Laughter)

11. “My parents’ boxer and his favorite ball”

12. Meet the REAL Scooby Doo.

13. The sweetest dreams

14. “Can we just talk about how my dog begs for food?”

15. “I knew she was perfect when I rescued her.”

16. No, she didn’t grow into them.

17. What you should keep in mind when buying a glass table:

18. “All my attempts to make her an Instagram dog ended with this.”

19. She looks like she has a makeup channel.

20. Superdog was sent here.


21. “When your wife takes the 100th selfie so that she doesn’t look fat:”

22. Turning the cone of shame into the cone of fun!

23. When you had the perfect escape plan but suddenly fell asleep:

24. Well, that’s a waste of 20 bucks.

25. She’s beautiful on the inside.

26. “This is what happened when my mother discovered her grooming talent.”

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