30 Photos of the Totally Hilarious Creatures We Call Dogs (Alert: Your Sides May Cramp From Laughter)

doggo moments

According to a recent study, dog owners tend to laugh more frequently than those who live without these companion animals. And it’s not surprising! Dogs have magic skills that can improve our moods and make us laugh out loud.

At Apegeo, we like to spread the cheer, so we’ve collected 30 adorable pictures of our favorite doggo moments.

1. Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager

2. Meet Sunny and his bestie. And yes, his bestie is an old brick.

3. “The only transformation pics I’m into.”

4. “I bought a camera to spy on my dog while I’m gone. I think he knows.”

5. “This is Ben. He has a beard. And he is human-sized. We get funny looks in traffic.”

6. Chilling with your dog in the park is the best way to spend a Sunday.

7. Good boy? We don’t think so.

8. “My dad’s first selfie”

9. “I’ve just brushed my dog and made a new one.”

10. “Only when the snow started melting did I figure out where all my socks disappeared to.”

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