30+ Kneaded Eraser Adventures Illustration – Artematiko

My messy desk becomes a theatre for a big adventure of my tiny friend.

#11 Screech


The best impersonation of a screech owl ever, by your friend Octopus.

#12 Ship
I see you are preparing for the departure on October 31st. Every year a different spaceship.

#13 United
I remember Flik and Flok, two ink greedy Inkpythons. They’re very united, so much that they look like a two-headed snake.

#14 Trail
Your friend Dogo is the best hound ever, but what trail you two are following, nobody knows.

#15 Juicy
Dear Kneaded Eraser I have two questions: 1) Who will eat the juicy fruits of the ink plant? 2) Who’s to fix my broken ceiling?

#16 Divided
The Chimera is a clever monster, but when Lion and Goat quarrel, the opinions are divided … and not just them! Poor snake.

#17 Filthy
All children like to be filthy, especially ink troll babies. They love taking ink baths.

#18 Cloud
I know. If you sometimes don’t go to your friend on the cloud, he’s saddened.

#19 Climb
I know, your friend Spidy is a great climber, but dear Kneaded Eraser, I would be scared to climb.

#20 Sword
Ehi Kneaded Eraser! I know, you are ready, but I don’t think your SUPER POWER NINJA SUIT will help you win…

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