30+ Kneaded Eraser Adventures Illustration – Artematiko

My messy desk becomes a theatre for a big adventure of my tiny friend.

30+ Kneaded Eraser Adventures Illustration - Artematiko

This is the story of my little Kneaded Eraser.

Every October, during the Inktober fest, “she” meets weird and funny people or strange creatures. My messy desk becomes a theatre for a big adventure of my tiny friend.

Now you can see what happened in October 2017. The titles are in the official prompt list of Inktober 2017.

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#1 Underwater


OMG! You have friends everywhere, even underwater! Greetings from under the sea!

#2 Run
Gimmy the Owl cannot fly. His wings are too small. He learned to run fast because Kneaded Eraser trained him.

#3 Blind
Today we meet Carl a #blind artist who builds strange installations. What do you think?

#4 Squeak
SQUEAK! This friend of Kneaded Eraser can only say SQUEAK! Nobody knows what it means That’s why everyone calls him SQUE..EZE

#5 Fall
Your friend flies like an angel, but his landing looks like a fall of a potatoes sack.

#6 Swift
Finally Inktober is here! My Kneaded Eraser is ready to fly in a new adventure with the famous Swift airlines. Ok go go go!

#7 Crooked
Yes, Mr. Gorfrog, Kneaded Eraser sings like a real Frog, but no crooked way for her: no Talent Shows on TV, she is too young. Understand?!

#8 Teeming
A teeming nest of smiling snakes had to be saved. They were stuck under the floor. Kneaded Eraser and Pippo brought them to safety.

#9 Poison
Oh Yes my little Kneaded Eraser! I think you have chosen a beautiful 🎈birthday 🎉 present 🎁 for your friend, mr. Poison Sucker.

#10 Long
Yes, I remember your teacher of “Magic Self Hiding”. Mr. John Shortson, also called Long John, from the famous Magic School AMBARABA. Did he come to say goodbye?

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