30 Historical Photos That Prove the World Went Crazy a Long Time Ago

historical photos

Every now and then we hear that the world is going crazy, which usually implies the strange behavior of modern people. But this statement is not totally true because humanity has been doing strange things for a long time. And different historical photos, like those depicting a carriage pulled by a hippo or a bicycle for the whole family with a built-in sewing machine, can easily prove it.

Apegeo prepared for you another compilation of historical photos that have one thing in common — they are all united by strangeness, insanity, and sometimes an excellent sense of humor.

30. Drinking tea with an elephant, 1939

29. This is how a house on wheels looked in 1926.

28. A couple at a fair in Mexico, 1940

27. Horn cupping therapy — a form of folk medicine in Finland, 1935

26. A burlesque diva named Zorita is walking her pet-snake, 1930

25. Women wearing extremely large pants, USA, 1933

24. An elephant holds a circus performer in its mouth, USA, 1937

23. Hoover Dam construction, USA, 1931-1936

22. A circus hippopotamus, harnessed to a wagon, 1924

21. An elderly woman gymnast, USA, 1977

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