24 DIY Projects That’ll Make You Say “OMG, I Can Totally Do That”

We asked the Apegeo Community to show us the DIY project they’re most proud of and they really came through. Here are some of our favorites!

1. This thrifty kitchen renovation that shows what you can do with peel-and-stick materials.

"It took three weeks, but I was able to transform my entire kitchen for under $400. I painted the cabinets, used a vinyl sticker on the countertops, made a backsplash out of stick tiles, and put in click-lock laminate flooring." —jennb4007dcb4d

2. This grubby fireplace that looks so sophisticated with a fresh coat of paint and a gorgeous stencil.

"After moving into our home last year, I gave the fireplace a much needed facelift by painting the bricks and stenciling the hearth." —aprilt16

3. This child’s vision that a very dedicated mom brought to life.

"My six-year-old wanted to redo his bedroom, so he got to pick the wall and floor colors. He explained that he wanted a racetrack painted on his floor and helped me draw out his 'vision'. It took a week and my knees ached by the time it was finished, but it came out great!" —cheryls10

4. This Ikea upgrade that’s an impressive knockoff of a $900 dresser.

"After spray-painting an Ikea dresser silver, I glued on mirrors that I had cut at Lowes, and glued door knobs from Hobby Lobby to the mirrors. The entire project cost $76!" —ashleyt4f6a2264d

5. And this simple clean-up job that turned a dirty old dresser into a mid-century masterpiece.

"I bought this dresser for my baby’s nursery on Letgo for $75. It was dirty, smoky, and falling apart when we got it. All it needed was a new stain, a coat of paint, new drawer pulls, and a very thorough cleaning." —tracis496a4d84c

6. This wooden frame that gave a bathroom mirror a rustic look.


7. This hanging pot rack that probably cost less than the pot sitting on top of it.

"I made my own hanging pot rack out of some discounted Ikea shelves and scrap wood. The total price was about $20." —gordons4e129bdaf

8. This impressive renovation that honored the home’s old bones, but still gave the kitchen a serious upgrade.

"We redid our entire kitchen by our damn selves!" —kimberlyclaire79

9. This cheap bar cart that looks more expensive than it is because of some paint and some serious skills.

"I did a scene painting class back in college for my theatre major, so I took those skills and painted this super sophisticated marble bar cart! The cart itself was only $30 so with the paint and other materials, it probably only cost me about $55!" —resas2

11. This lovely stencil job that gave the whole room a subtle touch of glamour.

"I renovated my dining room with a metallic paint and curtains to spruce up the room. It's still cozy, but now it's just a bit more modern." —itratz

12. These kitchen cabinets that look so much prettier with fabric panels.


13. This accent wall that gave an old fence new life.

"I used our old fence to make an accent wall for our bedroom. I even built the floating shelf!" —sueb41bbed5cd

14. This closet that was tweaked with just a few PVC pipes to hold a massive shoe collection.

"I got divorced and turned his side of the closet into a shoe showcase." —katierobertss

15. This unique wall display made from a wood beam and a few knobs.

"I attached door knobs I found at Hobby Lobby to a wood beam. I stuck braided twine to the art and hung them from the knobs. The whole thing was so heavy, I needed a special bracket to hang it. It's my favorite part of my apartment!" —amandai4357b7eb4
16. This beautiful bathroom that just needed some paint and a few shelves to look like a totally different space.

17. This crazy cool guitar that was painted to honor a legend.

"I painted this guitar right after David Bowie died. I stripped it down, re-stained it, painted it, and had a friend restring it. I was gonna sell it, but I loved it so much I decided to keep it." —minnie394

18. This room that looks so much more mature in neutral colors.


19. This gorgeous armoire that has just as much sentimental value as it does aesthetic appeal.

"A friend was getting rid of this solid wood dresser, so I took it and gave it a nice white and gray finish to accent the details in the wood. It’s my favorite piece of furniture not only because I love how it turned out, but also because it reminds me of one of my very best friends."—smgardner11
21. This childhood dresser that looks so grownup with a pop of color.

22. This Ikea bookshelf that’s the perfect size for this pupper’s extensive wardrobe.

"I took an Ikea bookshelf I had for a few years and turned it into a wardrobe for my puppies clothes and her harnesses."—tabethap

23. This unique set of chairs that was a total pain to paint, but look so much better.

"I wanted to refinish these chairs without removing or changing the upholstery. It was by far the hardest, most tedious, pain-in-the-ass project I've ever done: all six chairs took almost three weeks to complete! But I love how they turned out so it was worth it! Self-leveling paint was my saving grace!" —erinberson

24. And this outdoor table that looks like a real antique with a new map top.

"This table was going to be thrown out so I painted it and added the map. This was a way more difficult project than I thought it would be and took a lot of trial and error, so I learned a lot. It was a labor of love and I am so happy with how it came out!" —triciaa4ce8daefe

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